It is expected that you have simple basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript. If not try to have some basic knowledge of these using tutorials at our home page

AJAX helps us in making our site dynamic by making requests to the server without reloading the page.

At first, with the help of some javascript event handlers , when it gets triggered, it makes an XMLHTTPRequest object. It then sends the HttpRequest to the server

The server on the other hand process the HTTPRequest and sends the response back to the browser. Hence, the obtained results are visible to the user.

Many a times, the returned response is processed using Javascript

At the heart of the AJAX method of communicating with the server lies the AJAX engine. This is nothing more than some JavaScript code that instantiates and uses the XMLHttpRequest object. This is a JavaScript object that allows sending, receiving and processing HTTP requests to and from the server without refreshing the entire page.

In AJAX-powered applications, HTTP requests for data can be made completely in the background, without the user experiencing any interruptions. This means the user can continue working and using the application, while the necessary page sections are received from the server. The XMLHttpRequest object was implemented as an ActiveX object in Internet Explorer, and has later become a native JavaScript object in most modern browsers (FireFox, Safari).

Although adding an extra layer to any kind of model should add to the response time, this is an exception. Through the use of this new layer ,the AJAX engine , response time shortens and the user interface seems much more connected to the application logic. Moreover, the user no longer has to wait around for the page to load.

Now as you have come to know about the basics of Ajax , lets use it try to make some application using it.

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