Tables are defined for showing lots of contents in a limited space. They can be of as many dimensions as you wish. We start a table with a table tag and to start a new row in table, we use tr. To insert data (rows) we use td tag. Thats all. Silly point to note is that every opening tag must have a closing part, otherwise, they will not shoe up in the way we expected. We use th tags for adding headings to different rows in our table. Here is an example :-

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN">
<html xmlns="">	
My first webpage


My first table

My row 1 My row 2 My row 3
Row 1, cell 1 Row 1, cell 2 Row 1, cell 3
Row 2, cell 1 Row 2, cell 2 Row 2, cell 3
Row 3, cell 1 Row 3, cell 2 Row 3, cell 3
Row 4, cell 1 Row 4, cell 2 Row 4, cell 3
</body> </html>

The code above will make a nice table and you can make your customized one now very easily keeping the above said points in mind.

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