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email is an input type in HTML5. It accepts a value of the form of a value. If not, it rejects it automatically. Here is how it seems:-


This type of field is used for those inputs which are of url type. It is also validated automatically at the time of submission of the form.


Now taking an integer as input and checking if the user has actually entered an integer, is not required as we have a special input type for taking number as variable. Moreover, we can also set a range in which the number has to be for getting accepted.


Step attribute of number input type takes values which are only multiples of that step.

	// accepts only multiples of 5

Setting value to type sets the default value of the number.


A slider has been introduced in HTML5 for putting a value of type range.All the attributes of number input type like value, step are also available in HTML5

100 1000

HTML5 has also got an input type for taking color as input.


Lets deal with newly introduced HTML5 form elements now :-

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