Ever imagined, how a site will look without CSS file. If not, realize it now. Open this link in mozilla, FREE ONE IN ALL tutorials and once it loads completely, go to View ->> Page Style ->> No style

So, how is it ?? Is it readable ?? So, thats the importance of CSS. Its most important part is that it attracts user to your site and make them read the contents. In nutshell, its a way to decorate your files and present them to the user in a best possible manner. Talking a bit about the other terms, it stands for Cascaded Style Sheet and is applied to the various tags present in the HTML document. If you are uncomfortable with tags etc, we prefer you to go through our HTML tutorial. That is very brief and will help you in learning things quicker.

Like HTML, you dont need anything other than an editor. Notepad++ is preferable here also.

So, lets start the CSS tour and we will help you make your first webpage decorative.

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